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Trujillo is the capital of La Libertad department, is one of the most beautiful and harmonic cities in the country. It is known like the city of the Eternal Spring because of the great weather that gives a fun environment.

This area was inhabited during the Incas era by two important civilizations like the Mochica and Chimu. During the Spanish presence it became a great Viceroy city.

Main Turistic Attractions

Trujillo inherits a valuable archaeological patrimony and cultural of the ancient pre-Spanish cultures Mochica – Chimu, in its historical center it contains a great monument patrimony, has a great weather and is surrounded of attractive neighbourhoods. These characteristics make it an important touristic area.

  • Chan Chan, the biggest mud city in America and old Chimu capital, considered Cultural Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO in 1986.
  • The impressing huacas of the Sun and the moon, built by mochicas, 20mtrs long and THE MAGICIAN complex, with impressing pictures of dancers and warriors.
  • In the city it offers a great colonial architecture where we can appreciate the Cathedral, Archbishop Palace, the Compañía Church, El Carmen Monastery and colonial houses.
  • Huanchaco neighbourhood, 15 minutes from the city, with totora horses, light boats that sails since the mochicas and chimus era, and where we can enjoy a delicious food made of fresh fish and seafood, or simply enjoy a beach day.
  • National Marinera Contest, in which Trujillo organizes every year, typical dances of the region performed in January. For this competition couples from all the country participate, forming even dancing academies every year to get the first prizes in any of the categories.
  • International Spring Festival, during the month of October in which the traditional Spring Parade is performed, showing beauty queens and ornamental cars from the different institutions of the city. The population stays on the street to salute and celebrate the beautiful queens that come from all over the country and from abroad too.
  • Trujillo is an excellent destiny for those people who look for an historical and archaeological experience. A city with a great colonial architecture and archaeological centre very important in the pre Inka era.

  Altitude and Weather

  • Altitude: Sea level.
  • Weather: Dry, sunny and warm throughout the year.
  • Temperature: From 80 to 60ºF – from 27 to 15ºC approx.
  • Raining season: Almost none.

  Typical Dishes and Drinks

The most important typical dishes are:

  • Cebiche: Fish filet cut in pieces and cooked with lemon, onion an limo chilli.
  • Cabrito con frijoles: tender lamb stew, marinated with chicha de jora and vinegar with peas covered with onion and garlic.
  • Shambar: wheat soup with pork skin and ham, grains and Chinese onion. Also accompanied with toasted corn (cancha). Only served on Mondays.
  • Teologa Soup: turkey soup and/or hen with watered bread, potato, milk and cheese.
  • Trujillana peas: Black peas with ajonjoli and mirasol chilli.
  • Pepian de pava: Turkey stews with rice, tender corn, cilantro and chilli.
  • Pescado a la trujillana: steamed fish with eggs and onions sauce.


  • January 20 to 30: National Marinera Festival. Hundreds of couples come from all over the country to participate in the traditional contest organized by Libertad Club and the final date in Gran Chimu Coliseum.
  • April 24th. Beginning of Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo Holiday, lord of Tayabamba in Pataz. Until May 1st.
  • July 13th. Santiago de Chuco Holiday. In the province of the same name. Regional festivity and great holidays. Until August 2nd.
  • July 29th. Señor de la Caña en Chiclín Festivity.
  • August 15th. Alta Gracia Virgen Festivity in Huamachuco.
  • September 20th to 30th: Spring International Festival. National and Foreigner artists participate. Roster fights, caballos de paso competition and finishes with a great parade around the whole city.
  • December 15th. Virgen de la Puerta in Otuzco Festival. The biggest religious faith celebration in the north of the country.
  • December 29th: Trujillo Independence Anniversary.

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