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The whole world is concerned about maintaining natural areas free of pollution and with a safe wildlife, and proposed the creation of National Parks in Peru, Reserves and Historical Sanctuaries that cover protected areas of about 58337 square kilometers, representing 4.54% of the national territory.

In the inka region there is the National Manu Park, established on May 29 1973, under Supreme law 0644 –73 – AG to preserve the natural patrimony and cultural in order to benefit today’s and future generations, the same purpose determined by UNESCO the preserve of the biosphere of Manu that now covers 18812 square kilometers in the provinces of Paucartambo in Qosqo and Manu in Madre de Dios.

From all this protected territory 81.5% belongs to the nuclear zone or natural that is protected completely,13.5% to Research zone and tourist expeditions and 5% to Cultural or human area where we can find people.

UNESCO recognizes officially the natural Manu paradise like Humanity patrimony and later in 1997 calls Biosphere World Reserve, because of the diversity of animals and plants that grow there. The majority of the forests in the world have been affected by men, fortunately, Manu almost intact has continued far from civilization.

Main Turistic Attractions

In Manu National Reserve we can observe in the natural habitat species that may become extinct, like the giant river nutria (Pteronura brasiliensis), Black Aligator (Melanosuchus niger), the jaguar (Pantera Onca), the strange Lenses Bear (Tremarctos Ornatus), and other animals like Tapir, tiger, 13 primate species, and more than 1000 birds species, including 7 parrot species (ara sp).

We will have to also add that this reserve houses 10% of all the plants of the world including fine wood trees and medical plants that are being studied by scientists. In one acre in this rain forest you can find almost 220 tree species, whereas in Europe or the US only 20.

This National Park of Manu is the most important protected area with animals and plants all over the world.

  Altitude and Weather

  • Altitude: 256 mts above sea level.
  • Weather: Tropical , warm and humid.
  • Temperature: From95 to 70°C –from 35 to 22°C approx.
  • Raining season: From December to march. Sometimes during the year.

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