Puerto Maldonado

Puerto Maldonado is the capital of Madre de Dios department and is located in Peruvian rainforest. It is considered a privileged place due to its great natural wealth, which invites you to embark on a journey full of emotion.

Puerto Maldonado is also the location of wonderful nature reserves, which preserve the most unspoiled nature on the planet, such as Manu National Park.

If you are a lover of ecology and experiential tourism, you are welcome to visit Puerto Maldonado.

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Top tourist attractions

  • Tambopata-Candamo National Reserve: Old-growth forest located at the confluence of the rivers La Torre and Tambopata. It stands out for its diversity of birds and dragonflies.
  • Pampas del Heath National Sanctuary: It has an area of 109 hectares. This is where the well-valued maned wolf lives.
  • Manu Biosphere Reserve: It has an area of 1’881,200 hectares approx. It is divided into three zones: the core zone, the reserved zone (tourism), and the cultural zone. 
  • Tambopata National Reserve: An ecosystem that has been in constant evolution for thousands of years, presenting one of the greatest variety of flora and fauna in the world.
  • Valencia Lake: Located at 60 kilometers or four hours by boat from Puerto Maldonado. 
  • Juanes: Rice flavored with turmeric, with hen pieces and steamed wrapped in Bijao leaves.
  • Inchicapi: Hen soup with chestnut and rice.
  • Timbuche: Concentrated bouillon based on fish, green bananas, and cilantro.
  • Grilled venison: served with rice and green banana.
  • Tacacho con cecina: Roasted green bananas, mashed with pork fat and served with jerky. 
  • Asado de picuro: Amazonian rodent roasted in charcoal.
  • Caldo de carachama: Soup of Carachama fish with bananas and cilantro.

Traditional drinks:
  • Cocona Soft drink  Typical regional fruit.
  • Masato: Drink prepared from cooked and mashed yucca, fermented with sweet chancaca or sugar
  • Aguajina: Soft drink made from the aguaje typical fruit (palm tree).
  • Pijuayo: Soft drink made from the typical fruit o a different palm tree.
  • Chapo: Cold soft drink prepared with banana and sugar
  • July 12: Anniversary of the founding of Puerto Maldonado. Festivities that includes civic, social and cultural events.