Trujillo is the capital of La Libertad department, located on the northern coast of Peru

It is known as the "City of Everlasting Spring" thanks to its privileged weather. Besides being the birthplace of the elegant Marinera dance, it also counts with the favorite beaches for surfers.

During the Incan era, Trujillo was inhabited by the Chimú and Mochica civilizations, featuring the most important buildings such as pyramids, temples and mud cities, as well as their ancestral customs, such as fishing on Caballito de Totora boats. 

A living culture that will amaze you from beginning to end!

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Top tourist attractions

  • Chan Chan: The largest mud citadel in America, that belongs to Chimú culture.
  • Sun and Moon Huacas: Built by the Mochicas and where stunning figures of dancers and warriors stand out.
  • Huanchaco Beach: Enjoy the Caballito de Totora boats, exquisite food and its beautiful beach.
  • National Contest of Marinera: Typical regional dance that takes place in January.
  • International Spring Festival. It is celebrated in October, where the traditional parade of queens takes place.
  • Cebiche: Fish fillet chopped cooked with lemon, onion and ají limo.
  • Cabrito con frijoles: Goat kid stew, macerated in chicha de jora and vinegar, served with beans cooked with onion and garlic.
  • Shambar: Wheat soup with pork skin and smoked ham, stews and Chinese onion. It is served with toasted corn (cancha).
  • Sopa teóloga: Turkey and/or chicken broth with potatoes, cheese and bread soaked in milk.
  • Frejoles a la trujillana: Black beans with sesame seeds and mirasol ají. 
  • Pepián de pava: Turkey stew with rice, grinded soft corn, cilantro and aji.
  • Pescado a la trujillana: Steamed fish with onion and egg sauce.
  • From June 20 to 30: National Contest of Marinera
  • April 24: Beginning of the Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo Festival, patron saint of Tayabamba in Pataz. 
  • July 13: Santiago de Chuco Festival
  • July 29: Señor de la Caña Festival in Chiclín. 
  • August 15: Virgen de la Alta Gracia festivity in Huamachuco.
  • September 20 to 30: International Spring Festival. Paso Horse contests
  • December 15: Virgen de la Puerta festivity in Otusco. The largest expression of faith in northern Peru.
  • December 29: Anniversary of the founding of Trujillo.