Due to the kindness of its people, Chiclayo is known as the "City of Friendship"; besides is one of the places with the most delicious food in Peru.

It also has several avant-garde museums that hold invaluable collections, among which are the archaeological remains of the Lord of Sipan.

If you travel to Peru, you have the chance to visit Chiclayo and its majestic pyramids, ecological reserves and archeological centers. Here the Mochica and Lambayeque cultures stand out. 

We invite you to visit Chiclayo in a safe and responsible way!

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Top tourist attractions

  • Royal Tombs of Sipán: It is the most famous exhibition of the rich heritage of this department.
  • Brünning National Archaeological Museum: It exhibits more than 1,400 pieces of the Chavín, Cajamarca, Moche, and Lambayeque cultures, among others.
  • Sicán National Museum: It has the largest collection of gold objects in Peru.
  • Túcume, the Valley of the Pyramids: Consisting of 26 monumental adobe buildings.
  • Monsefú, City of Flowers: A beautiful plantation of flowers that predominated in their fields. 
  • Shamanism and Curanderos: They are located in the city of Túcume
  • Espesado: It's a dungeon made of tender corn. The Sipán lord used to eat this dish, according to Dr. Walter Alva.
  • Chinguirito: Made with dried and shredded guitarfish, prepared with lemon, salt, pepper and onion. Served with yucca, sweet potatoes or toasted corn.
  • Manta ray omelet: Made of eggs with dried, shredded, salted manta raya, prepared with Chinese onion and minced yellow aji.
  • Chirimpico: It’s goat/lamb offal made with tail onion, minced cilantro, green aji and aged chicha. 
  • Seco de cabrito: Chopped pieces of goat meat marinated in aged chicha de jora (Jora bean beer), cilantro, well chopped Loche pumpkin, garlic and yellow aji.  
  • King Kong Sweet: Traditional dessert like a giant caramel cookie ("alfajor"), made from fresh milk. In its early days it was handmade prepared.
  • March 14: Señor Cautivo de Monsefú. The locals dress in their best typical costumes.
  • March 19: San José festivity The people of the rice valley in Chiclayo organize ceremonies and celebrations.
  • April 18: Anniversary of the Founding of Chiclayo.
  • April 25: Señor de la Justicia. This date is celebrated with devotion in Ferreñafe 
  • Last Week of June. Lemon Festival celebrated in Olmos district.
  • July 22: Divino Niño de Milagro. Festivity that takes place in Eten with religious, folkloric and cultural celebrations.
  • Last Week of July. Fair of Monsefú where beautiful crafts are shown.
  • First Week of August. Cruz de Chalpón. Patronal festivity with religious activities and popular celebrations.