Peru is one of the countries with more natural reserves and historical sanctuaries, including Manu National Park (located in Madre de Dios), recognized as the “Biosphere Reserve”. 

The park hosts a rich biological diversity in rainforest protected areas. In this wonderful place you can also find an endless number of birds, ecological floors, tree species, amphibians, reptiles, among others.

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  • In the Manu National Reserve we can observe in their natural habitat species in eminent danger of extinction, such as: the Giant River Otter, Black Caiman, the majestic Jaguar, the anteojos bear, tapir, tigrillo, among others.
  • Also, you will find 13 species of primates and more than a thousand species of birds, including 7 species of macaws.
  • Manu is also home to 10% of the world's plant species, including fine wood trees and countless species of medicinal plants.
  • In one hectare of Manu forest, you can find up to 220 species of trees.