The Peruvian Andes

Traveling to Peru is like stepping back in time and immersing yourself in a vibrant culture that leaves indelible memories.

Discover Peru's most iconic tourist destinations. Begin in Lima; explore Arequipa and the breathtaking Colca Canyon with its stunning vistas; visit Puno and the enchanting Titicaca Lake; and finally, experience Cusco and the awe-inspiring Machu Picchu, often referred to as the "navel of the world."

On this tour through the Peruvian Andes, you'll encounter a country that is mega diverse and rich in multicultural experiences, ensuring you'll fall in love from start to finish.

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Please find the feedback below. Please also forward this to your manager as my recommendation for the awesome work that you did for making our Peru trip memorable. I will definitely recommend you and your agency to my friends, family, and colleagues.

Words are too less to express the impeccable experience we had during our Peru trip. My most sincere thanks to our agent Yara Terrazas in putting together an amazing dossier, Everything was professional handled and simply fantastic - be it airport pick-ups/drop-offs, transportation, hotel accommodations, city and site tours, delicious lunches and most importantly, exceptional guides. Special kudos for helping us add Nasca tour and the Sand Boarding activities at the very last minute while we were in Peru. We would highly recommend.

Thank You,

Sivaraman RAJAN - Singapore

Sivaraman RAJAN - Singapore

I reached home safely after my trip to South America. Looking back on the trip, I must say that I had a marvelous time throughout.

The tour package was well designed and I am very glad about the service Trip Peru has provided. Given that my trip itinerary was rather complex and consisted of several moving parts, the fact that my trip programme flowed seamlessly bears testimony to Trip Peru`s professionalism and capabilities.

Overall, it was a great and memorable trip for me made possible by Trip Peru. Many thanks!

Best regards,

SCOTT Pamela - USA

SCOTT Pamela - USA

We have great memories of Peru and had a fabulous trip there. I cannot think of anything to change regarding Trip Peru.

Even though Machupicchu was the highlight of the trip, we were really impressed with the Uros Islands. They are such a unique place to visit. We also really like Chivay to the point that Pam is thinking that she would like to live there for a couple of months as one of them, helping in the fields and all. There was so much that we saw and experience overall, that I don’t see why people go to Peru to only see Machupicchu.


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